What is Danu all about?

We deliver the essential organic, chemical free stuff you need every month. Plus a bunch of handy accessories.

So why are we here? Periods!

We want to make having your period a bit less pants.

Our products

Why do we use Natracare & Fab Little Bags?

Natracare products are made from renewable, natural materials including organic cotton, bioplastics (made from plant starch) and wood pulp. Ethical, environmental and animal-friendly, our products are biodegradable – and can even be composted!

Fab Little Bags are made 35% from organic material, they’re oxo-biodegradable, and since there’s no need to flush they keep tampons out of the rivers, seas and sewers.

Our tampons, pads and liners are from Natracare. They’re all organic cotton and don’t use any plastic packaging.

We’re proud to offer Fab Little Bags as the disposal option for tampons and small pads. These are made from 35% organic material and oxy-biodegradable (as well as saving rivers and sewers from dealing with used tampons!)

The products we sell have a demonstrably positive impact on reducing period waste by reducing plastic and unnecessary chemicals. Not everyone wants to, or is able to, use reusables but we feel it’s important to reduce waste wherever possible, no matter your product choice.

Danu is not here for your period shame! We will occasionally use euphemisms but only for comedy value, not to hide what we’re talking about. Oh and strictly no use of things like ‘V’ or ‘V zone’ (what the hell!) unless we’re taking the piss out of companies that do use those terms (seriously… what the hell!).

At Danu we want to play our part in ending period stigma. So, to help, we’ve created a space on our site for partners and parents (especially those who have never had periods themselves) to help you make your loved ones’ life a bit easier. For example – if you’re a dad who grew up with 3 brothers and don’t have a bloody clue where to start (pun intended), we can help.

So, there it is. We’re here to show your period some love.
Ready to get started?